UK: New Halal product range launched by KQF

KQFKQF, the British manufacturer of halal meat products, has announced the launch of two new ranges of frozen convenience foods, which are available to both trade and consumer clients.

The KQF Classic range updates the company’s Fiesta products, which comprise burgers, grills, sausages and kebabs, and which were first introduced in 2007. Based on authentic halal recipes from India and South Africa, the original flavour blends have been refined but their character remains unaltered and they will still be familiar to customers who know the range well.

The KQF Premium range features larger, chunkier products – burgers, kebabs and sausages, which, with their greater weight, higher meat content and new flavour profiles, are aimed squarely at caterers, take-out retailers and consumers with larger appetites.

The Classic and Premium ranges will be the first to feature the company’s new logo and packaging, which have been introduced as part of an expansion plan that has also seen the introduction of a new website and the appointment of distributors in Europe.

Alongside these new ranges, the company continues to manufacture many other products such as samosas, rolls, pies, pasties, pizzas and chilled meat products including sliced meats and polonies. These and all other KQF products are certified halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC), which has an independent inspector stationed full time at the KQF factory.

Based in Lancashire, KQF has achieved a ‘Grade A’ rating under the British Retail Consortium standard and offers a custom manufacturing service for other halal food producers.