UK: New Halal range of products launches at Morrisons

‘Simply Halal’ brand – Available now in your local Morrisons store

burgerExciting times for the sales team at Simply Halal, with the launching of four ‘New’ products as part of the ‘Simply Halal Summer Eating Range’,  which are now available in 31 selected Morrison’s stores.

The ‘New’ product lines, have been purposely developed to suit the modern consumer, with the products designed to be cooked from frozen in less than 20 minutes, making them perfect for that quick snack or family BBQ.

UntitledThe range offers a variety of ‘Quick Cook Meal Solutions’, with ‘Hot’ Quick Cook Beef Steaks, Mediterranean Lamb Koftas, Spicy Beef Kebabs and versatile Beef Meatballs to add to a variety of dishes.

With doubt about the authenticity of the Halal label recently in the UK media, Simply Halal is uniquely offering consumers full traceability from farm to fork, with all products being processed at its own dedicated site, with its own abattoir 100% dedicated to Halal.

At Simply Halal there is no compromise, they are proud to label their products Halal, because that is what they are 100% Halal. They guarantee no cross contamination, and all their products are 100% Stun free!

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