UK: New joint venture could increase meat exports

By Georgi

Certification companies Longbridge Veterinary Services and Assure-IP have formed a joint venture with the aim of increasing the volume of meat and dairy exports. Amir, chief executive, Assure-IP

with Elizabeth Grant, managing director, Longbridge

Longbridge is the only dedicated veterinary health/export certification company in the UK, while Assure-IP is the only certification body providing various certifications on one platform, such as EU compliance and halal certification.

Assure-IP’s system works on the principle of Identity Preservation (IP), which implies that every ingredient or component that goes into making of a product is traced back to its source and its integrity maintained throughout the whole supply chain.

The two companies believe their link-up will improve and widen auditing intelligence, improving the authenticity and credibility of the certification system in turn.

It also believes the joint venture will open additional gateways for the export of British and European produce to the Middle East, Far East and Asia.

Elizabeth Grant, managing director, Longbridge, said: “We are excited about being part of this new partnership that will create the gateway to a full service of the best quality.”

Mohammad Amir, chief executive, Assure-IP, added: “High-quality, affordable and transparent auditing is one of the biggest challenges facing the food industry, but it’s also an area where expertise and the latest auditing techniques can make a huge difference.”