UK: Sheep processing film puts consumers in the picture

A film illustrating different methods of sheep slaughter has been produced by AHDB Beef & Lamb toAHDB-beef-lamb address a lack of understanding and dispel myths around the practice.

The educational film, which illustrates best practice for stun, post-cut stun and non-stun in religious slaughter, is aimed at increasing general understanding among a wider audience and informing debate on the topic.

Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB Beef & Lamb head of global supply chain development, said: “Our video is a go-to resource to highlight best practice in methods of slaughter. We also hope it will clarify some misconceptions about Halal production, in particular. It will enable those with an interest in this area to form opinions based on evidence and help ensure that debate on the subject is fully informed.

“Normal practice in the UK is for animals to be stunned prior to slaughter, including stunned Halal. The current regulation regarding the slaughter of livestock expressly permits a derogation for the use of non-stun slaughter for religious rites and is therefore both a regulated and legal practice in England.

“However, we are aware that many public misconceptions persist. Halal, for example, does not mean non-stun per se. Food Standards Agency (FSA) data demonstrates that the majority of Halal slaughter is in fact stunned, a point often misunderstood. Stunned Halal adheres to the same animal welfare standards as products destined for the non-Halal market.

“It is imperative that any constructive debate on the subject is underpinned by broader knowledge of the subject matter. Our film provides transparency and clarity on the subject and I would therefore encourage anyone with an interest in this field to use it as a key resource.”

The information film can be seen by clicking here on AHDB Beef & Lamb TV.