UK: Streaky Lamb Macon from Frankie’s Farm: Launching at Asda

British savoury snack producer, Frankie’s Farm has announced the launch of its Streaky Lamb Macon – a ready-to-eat pork-free alternative to bacon. It is available from selected Asda stores from 1st May 2020.

Streaky Lamb Macon is made in the UK, using thin strips of cured meat that are smoked using British beechwood. The result can be eaten cold, straight from the pack, or used as a tasty sandwich filling. It can also be heated in a pan in just 3 to 4 minutes, or added to pasta dishes, stir-fries, soups, omelettes, salads and quiches.

Streaky Lamb Macon contains no pork or dairy products, and is produced under a quality assurance system that is accredited by the British Retail Consortium.

“The inspiration for Streaky Lamb Macon came from cultural traditions that avoid the use of pork,” said Frankie’s Farm brand manager, Mohsin Sheth. “The concept of macon is very well established and has been used for many years by people adhering to kosher and halal diets. The word is a composite of ‘mutton’ and ‘bacon.’ It describes a cured meat that can be used in exactly the same sorts of ways as bacon. In our case, the product has a smoky, slightly salty taste and it comes ready-cut into traditionally sized rashers.

“It’s been the result of a lot of testing and customer trials, but we’re very happy with the result. It’s ideal for snacking and for use in family meals, and the feedback has been really positive.”

Streaky Lamb Macon is sold in 100g packs. It is now available at 100 Asda stores and can be found in the halal / chilled aisles.

More information about Frankie’s Farm and the new macon rashers can be found by visiting