UK: Study shows British Muslims prefer Halal meat that is not stunned

A recent study that was conducted by Bristol University into the Halal meat market attained responses from 250 Muslims into their buying behaviours as well as their Halal meat & poultry preferences.

The report concluded that 70% of Muslims prefer to buy meat/poultry that is non stunned. Among the respondents who said they preferred meat from stunned animals, 46% (100) said they were unsure of the Halal status of this meat, while around a quarter (24%; 52) said they sometimes ate meat from animals that had been stunned in the absence of an alternative. The report also outlined that chicken was the most consumed meat and 50.8% of respondents consumed meat at least once a week.

Awal Fuseini, one of the researchers said “The data indicates that the majority of respondents prefer Halal meat from animals slaughtered without stunning. Furthermore, the data revealed that over 90% of Muslims consume meat at least once a week, this clearly emphasises the significance of the Halal sector to the UK economy.”

HMC since its inception has adopted a complete non-stunned policy across all Halal species due to the risks associated with stunning animals and the results from this study echoes the voice of the British Muslim community of their aspiration to consume meat and poultry that has not been stunned. With 80% of animals being stunned here in the UK destined to be purchased by the Halal consumer, this small sample study is truly an eye opener for all.

Nadeem Adam of HMC said “The Halal sign whether in Arabic or English is a sign of confidence similar to a “V” sign for a person following a vegetarian diet and therefore there needs to be more clearer and transparent labelling.”

The report is very clear that consumers preference is to purchase meat and poultry that has not been stunned but they are not able to make an informed choice when making their purchase. HMC has always been clear in its labelling and we urge consumers who prefer to eat non-stunned Halal meat and poultry to choose HMC as their preferred Halal choice.