UK: Subway denies ‘switch’ to halal meats


Subway has refuted claims that it has ‘switched’ to halal meat alternatives in a number of its stores, claiming these outlets were specifically opened as halal stores.

Responding to various reports in the national media that the sandwich chain has removed ham and bacon from the menu in almost 200 outlets, a spokesperson for Subway told MTJ that, since 2007, franchisees opening new stores have had the option to open a halal store, dependent on consumer demand and the demographic of the local area, and that the use of Halal meats was not new.

“Due to the growing popularity of the Subway chain, with the diverse multicultural population across the UK and Ireland, we put a programme in place in 2007 to ensure that the population demographic is taken into account when new store openings are considered in order that we meet consumer demand in each location,” said Subway.

It said the term used in a number of articles, that Subway had ‘switched’ to halal meat alternatives, such as turkey ham and turkey rashers, was misleading, as the stores that opened as halal stores have always sold these items instead of ham or bacon.

Details of its Halal stores can be found on its website, and there are “numerous signs” stating that Halal food is served within the stores themselves, according to the official statement from the firm.

“All our suppliers comply with EU animal welfare legislation as a minimum and we require suppliers of Halal products to adopt the stunning of animals prior to their slaughter. All Halal meats are certified by the appropriate Halal authorities,” it added.

There are currently around 185 halal Subway stores in the UK.