UK: The importance of labeling Halal Food as Stun or Non Stun.

Press Release
Halal 615x346The labeling of all foods is an important and direct means of communicating product information between buyers and sellers. It is one of the primary means by which consumers differentiate between individual foods and brands to make informed purchasing decisions.
Ensuring food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers, industry and consumers. Food labeling is one way in which consumers can get knowledge about the food they consider buying.

Food labeling laws makes sure that the Muslim consumers get vital information about the Halal foods that they consume and also it makes it a legal/criminal offence with false declaration on Halal products

A campaign has been launched in Birmingham by Mohammed Saleem, to ensure all halal meat products are honestly and clearly labelled whether they are Stunned or Non stunned to give consumers a better choices according theirs core beliefs.

Only by compulsory labeling products honestly and correctly the method of slaughter can the enforcement officer legally hold producer accountable and prevent false claims and fraudulent activities in this murky  halal market.

The campaign has a three pronged approach aimed at governments, producers/industry and consumers said Mohammed Saleem Campaigner and Adviser to the halal industry.
It is important that Muslim exercise their buying power as consumers and to change things for better we need to act. We must make things happen and not just wait or talk about things happening.

It is time for Muslim Consumers to take action and responsibility by contributing to the promotion of ethical and accurate product labeling, and boycotting products not clearly declared stun or non stun. Such firm action will induce manufacturers to clearly improve product labeling and adopt and promote more responsible and ethical trade practices and business.

Companies that are producing stun Halal should have the conviction as to what they are producing is Halal and the same should be said for non stun and not hide behind the name of Halal thereby letting the Muslim community decide.

Ethical business such as Tesco’s have displayed product as Halal in their stores and have offered Muslim consumer a choice of stun or non stun, by doing so they’ve further confused the halal consumer more than before as to which is what, by clearly labeling the product as stun Halal or non stun Halal on their label will avoid this confusion and provides protection to their Muslim consumers, in the long run they stand to gain loyalty from Muslim consumer and support for their products and business and win the war in the market shares.

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