UK: Tradeshow Event for Halal Industry coming to Manchester in July

Following on from the success of Halal Expo London, Halal Expo Manchester is now set to take the halal industry in the UK by storm. It is the premier B2B and consumer event for the halal industry coming to the north, taking place on 14th and 15th July 2023 at Old Trafford Stadium, the home of Manchester United. This two-day event is designed to bring together the leading halal suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, and consumers from around the world.

The event will feature a comprehensive tradeshow exhibition of halal products and services, as well as a series of seminars, workshops and professional business networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore and shop the latest trends and innovations in the halal industry, benefit from exclusive on the day offers, connect with like- minded professionals and discover new businesses and investment opportunities.

With over 2 billion Muslims worldwide, the halal industry has become a major force in the global economy. The UK halal market alone is estimated to be worth well over £3 billion, making it one of the largest halal markets in Europe. Halal Expo Manchester is the perfect platform for businesses looking to expand their reach in this rapidly growing halal market.

“We are thrilled and delighted to be bringing this event to the wonderful city of Manchester and look forward to welcoming attendees interested in the halal industry,” said Shabana Kausar (COO), the event organiser. “Halal Expo Manchester is an important event for the halal industry in the UK. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase and sell their products and services whilst connecting with domestic and international buyers and consumers.”

“Primarily we come to these shows to get what customers think about the brand and give us feedback rather than sell products here. If you look at us when we started in 2014 the main aim was to give Muslim consumers a choice across supermarkets and for the products to be at an equivalent standard to UK retail products. We started with sales of £3 million and we will achieve £100 million this year.” said Gama Khan, Shazan Foods.

Halal Expo Manchester is expected to attract a diverse range of exhibitors, including food and beverage manufacturers, fashion and beauty businesses, halal certification bodies, pharmaceutical companies, finance and investment firms, travel & tourism companies and many others.

“Halal Expo Manchester is not only for Muslim or halal businesses, but is also an opportunity for mainstream brands to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. With a large and growing global Muslim population, mainstream brands can no longer afford to ignore the halal market.” said Aatif Majid, Founder & CEO of Halal Expo London & Manchester.

“We encourage mainstream brands to participate in Halal Expo Manchester and showcase their offerings in person to a diverse and engaged Muslim consumer audience, an opportunity they have never had before in the UK.” said Aatif Majid.

This tradeshow exhibition is not just a significant event for the halal industry, but also a boon for the local economy of Manchester. The event is expected to attract a large number of attendees from across the UK and internationally, providing a boost to the city’s hospitality, tourism, and retail sectors.

Halal Expo Manchester is further bridging the gap between the UK and Global Halal Economy by providing a great opportunity and platform for businesses and attendees to learn, develop, network and do business together.

For more information on Halal Expo Manchester, including registration, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, visit the official event website at

Halal Expo Manchester is an international business to business and consumer halal trade show that is bridging the gap between the UK and global halal economy by creating trade, investment and networking opportunities.