UK: Unanimous decision to support defense of unstunned slaughter

HMC is backed by over 100 Muftis, Imaams and Scholars in the protection of unstunned Halal

HMC’s annual event was held in Leicester on Saturday 2nd June and was attended by over 130 delegates, majority Muftis, Imaams and Scholars from across the UK.  The event confirmed the unanimous decision to continue to support the defence of unstunned Halal in the UK.  The debate included the campaign against mechanical slaughter and stunning, and recognised the importance to remain united in the public demand for the unstunned prophetic method of slaughter.

HMC set out its plans and vision, including the battle ahead for the protection of Halal, innovation required to track trace and deliver Halal to Muslim consumers who demand nothing less than the assurity HMC has added to the supply chain.

Leaving the event, Imaam Abdul Muheet said “I am impressed by the leadership HMC is taking, working with members of the community in an exclusive manner.  We are all united and Halal will prevail insha-Allah”

Each delegate vowed to take the message back to the 32 towns and cities represented at the event. HMC certifies Halal unstunned meat to over 500 shops and restaurants nationally, employs over 140 staff to inspect, monitor and regulate Halal production in the UK.

HMC continues to work on behalf of the Muslim community to preserve Halal and provide assurance through monitoring and inspection, to help source and eat genuine Halal products.