Understanding Attitudes Towards Halal

download-150x98Limited understanding of Islam is the main reason behind non-Muslim shoppers’ distrust of Halal meat, the Eblex halal seminar was told.

A pioneering study has shown Islamophobia and animosity were the top two reasons why some consumers avoided halal beef and lamb, followed by ethical concerns and worries about what friends and family might think.

Revealing the results, the University of Hull’s Dr Haseeb Ahmed Shabbir explained that research into attitudes towards Halal was in its infancy.

When this research began two years ago, there had been just 29 studies into consumer perceptions of Islamic religious slaughter, none of which were from a non-Muslim perspective.

“Ethical concerns and issues that Halal is barbaric are not as strong drivers for animosity towards halal as Islamophobia,” Dr Shabbir said.

“The sector is booming but the research body and the knowledge is still very limited.”

Dr Haseeb will also be presenting his findings at the prestigious World Halal Summit being hosted in Kuala Lumpur on 30th March till 4th April that is expected to gather 1,500 of the key personnel from across the Halal ecosystem.

See the WHS2015 website for programme details.