United Kingdom-Tesco and Asda stock Halal meat.


National Halal Meat Company in Birmingham, have opened new franchise’s for their product in Tesco and Asda supermarkets.

National Halal products, from fresh lamb and mutton to burgers, can be
obtained nationwide, from as far south as Slough west of London to
Bradford Yorkshire in the north of England. Tesco and Asda are now
displaying the National Halal products.

The Yaqoob family, started in the English Halal meat business close on 50 years ago in the old city meat market in Birmingham.

Buying sheep from all over England, Scotland and Wales, they were soon killing 8,000 sheep a week for the Pakistani community.

Taking over the old Armours slaughterhouse, in Bishop Street
Birmingham when the meat market closed and re-opened minus the
abattoir, they are the oldest and biggest Halal meat wholesalers in the

Turning retail in 1998, the company opened a chain of high class retail
butchers, that was far removed from the image of the traditional Halal
butchers.These new shops that were clean and modern, were more akin to
McDonalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken with bright colors and lots of
light, offering uniform selections of products in all the stores.

This new way of marketing Halal meat, soon caught the eye of Tesco
supermarkets, who broke their own rules, allowing the first franchise
operation to be opened in Tesco Slough, three years ago.The rest is
history as they say, in the last week 4 new franchises were opened in
Tesco Birmingham, Asda Bradford and two Asda stores in Manchester.

The company has grown 300% in the last year, despite the global economic crisis and meltdown.

The company is still family controlled by the two sons of the founder,
who is still fondly known as Mr Halal and very much a hands on
business. www.nationalhalal.com