University of Toronto Creates its own Halal Standard for food services

Halal Standards at the University of Toronto abide by the Zabiha
process of slaughtering a Halal animal according to the Islamic method.

Halal Standards on Campus

accordance to the Canadian Government’s Agriculture and Agri-food
Department, the University will model the rules and regulations set out
by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), a
non-profit technical Islamic organization that certifies
and supervises the production of Halal products. In addition, the
University upholds to only distribute Halal food from ISNA or IFANCA
certified suppliers. 

Halal Requirements for

Food Products and Ingredients

University of Toronto will not mark any foods as Halal unless all the
ingredients used are completely permissible for ingestion by the
Islamic faith and have not come into contact with non-Halal food. Halal
food items include Zabiha meat and poultry, fish with scales, animal
derived ingredients extracted from Zabiha animals, milk and eggs of
permissible animal species, all vegetable ingredients except
intoxicating ones, and ingredients which do not contain alcohol in any
form. The University of Toronto Food Servies follow Halal guidlines set
by the Islamic Society of North America.

Halal Food Handling and Staff Training

The Halal Standards at the University of Toronto ensure that all aspects

preparation, processing, packaging, and distribution of Halal foods are
free from any najs materials. Cleanliness of Halal food preparation
areas, equipment used in Halal food preparation, and personal hygiene
of employees preparing Halal food are all ensured. Furthermore, all
employees are trained to understand the Halal process and all
manufacturers are encouraged to establish quality assurance units to
monitor the implementation of Halal requirements.

Food Safety and Sanitation

food preparation utilizes safety controls including the Hazard Analysis
and Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety system as implemented
by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The University of Toronto
prepares Halal food in HACCP environments with strict controls on
allergens and cross-contaminants.
preparing Halal food receive training regarding Halal food laws,
regulatory requirements, and proper food preparation techniques.