USA:  17th Int’l Halal Food Conference Calls for a Unified Halal Standard

IFANCA-LOGOThe  17th International Halal Food Conference, held April 13-15, 2015,  saw panelists from the nutritional supplements and ingredient industries discussing the need for a unified halal standard, the traceability required for halal gelatin, and the need for more cooperation among halal certifying bodies.

The panel on nutritional supplements, ingredients, and pharmaceuticals was moderated by Dr. Abid Masood of the Halal Food Council of Europe. With his vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he set the stage for the panelists by explaining why the source of most gelatin used in medications is porcine gelatin. This does not need to be the case in nutritional supplements and the panelists confirmed the ease of producing halal certified nutritional supplements and ingredients when halal certified gelatin is available.

Linda Creel of Nutra Manufacturing did a masterful job moderating the session on gelatin. The session featured Dr. Mujahid Masood explaining IFANCA’s strict halal gelatin certification process and Riyaz Khan of Nitta Gelatin, India explaining how they source halal bones and hides as well as the properties of gelatin derived from each source. 

Mr. Mark Overland of Cargill moderated the last session on reciprocity and mutual recognition among halal certifiers. He and his colleagues discussed the need for clear standards, the desire for a well-defined halal standard(s), the need for an accrediting body that could recognize qualified halal certifying bodies, and the need for accreditation to be based on qualifications, not geographic boundaries. Panelists described their experiences and recommendations to achieve a unified standard and accreditation system.

The conference closed with Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudry thanking all for their participation as well as the organizers and those involved in making this 17thInternational Halal Food Conference a big success.