USA: 4th Annual Halal Expo & Summit Goes “Hybrid”

The fourth annual Halal Expo & Summit will be held in the Washington DC area in October 2021, featuring in-person and virtual participation opportunities for businesses in the U.S., Canada, and around the world to explore the US halal market.

As the US emerges from the pandemic, the annual Halal Expo & Summit USA resumes in person this year, packing a dynamic exhibition space and informative sessions over two days on issues critical to the halal industry in America.

The expo will feature exhibitors from companies all over the world, as well as cooking demonstrations and a fashion show. It has been redesigned to more effectively facilitate networking and commerce opportunities among the top halal businesses in the U.S.

Concurrently, the summit will feature experts, academics, and business leaders engaging in panel discussions on the hottest topics in the halal industry. It will cover legal and ethical issues, halal certification and standards, and regulatory compliance, and focus on some key sectors of the halal industry such as finance, investment, and tourism.

“After three years of presenting the annual Halal Expo & Summit, we totally understand the growing demand for halal products and services in the U.S. market,” said Marwan Ahmad, the expo organizer and CEO of U.S. Halal Consultants. “In addition to providing practical business solutions, we’ve designed the Expo & Summit to offer halal producers and suppliers the opportunity to operate in one of the most important markets in the world.”

This year’s format will be both in-person and virtual. The event will use the special electronic platform created for last year’s virtual expo and summit to once again bring in speakers and participants from all over the world. As in prior years, the Expo will recognize the best halal companies with special awards for 2021.

 “Halal is for health — and for business,” said Elisabeth Myers, Summit Director and Executive VP of U.S. Halal Consultants.  A new feature of Halal Expo 2021 is the young entrepreneur competition. “While through the competition we are encouraging innovation, through the whole event, we are raising awareness in the US mainstream market,” she said.

“Halal is already a multibillion-dollar industry in the US. It is growing rapidly because halal products and services appeal not only to Muslims, but also to consumers who are conscious about what they put into their systems, how businesses treat their employees, and how we treat the planet.”

The event is being organized by industry leader Arabesque Media and will take place at the Washington Dulles Marriott hotel—close to the Dulles International Airport and just a hop, skip and a jump away from Washington D.C.

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