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USA: ArKay Halal whiskey made without alcohol goes on sale

| 26/10/2016 | 6 Replies

World’s first ‘HALAL LIQUORS ‘ made without alcohol goes on sale in time for party season

NEW YORK, NY – 10/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Islamic law forbids the use of alcohol and that means about a quarter of the world’s population cannot enjoy the taste of LIQUORS. At least not until now.

The world’s first alcohol-free liquors-flavored beverage is Halal conformed (halal signifies the substance in permissible under Islamic law), feel and taste exactly like liquor.

ArKay Halal liquors mimics the taste of Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Rum, Tequila, Amaretto, Limoncello, Margarita, Mojitos, Irish Cream, Blue Curacao and Orange Napoleon, it is classified as a soft drink since it contains no alcohol. It is conformed to Halal guidelines and meets the ingredient requirements of both the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Economic Community. The alcohol free liquor collection is available one-liter glass bottles.

While the company refers to the product as “Halal liquors,” ArKay targets people who can’t drink due to medical reasons and religious beliefs.” The brand is designed for everyone to enjoy.” Since it tastes and looks “exactly like traditional liquor,” ArKay can be used for drinking straight up, on the rocks, or with soda and mixers.

ArKay is alcohol free, sugar free, pork free, gluten free, calories free, friendly veggies and GUILT FREE.

ArKay Beverages is planning to open a chain of ArKay Social Cafés  where alcohol free liquors will be served by the glass to consumers or sold by the bottle to take away. . Alcohol Free Beer will be available in 2017.

In recent years, ArKay have recognized the value of the Muslim market and have started to create Halal beverages. In the U.S., for example, a $200 billion market of six to eight million American Muslims is still fertile ground for brand marketers and is just beginning to attract the attention of major marketers. While the HALAL market is roughly equivalent to the KOSHER foods market, the number of products targeting the KOSHER CONSUMER is great and ArKay proposes KOSHER alcohol free liquors as well.

Clearly, Arkay Beverages hopes to fill a gap with its Halal and Kosher alcohol free liquor collection of Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Rum, Tequila, Amaretto, Limoncello, Margarita, Mojitos, Irish Cream , Blue Curacao and Orange Napoleon  both in the U.S. and globally.

ArKay alcohol free liquor collection is available on line at for a suggested retail price of $35 for a 1000 ml bottle. (33 FL OZ) with Free Shipping included when ordering by the case. The company is shipping daily by UPS, FEDEX or DHL overnight to consumers, hotels, restaurants and bars around the world with a 99 % customer satisfaction rating.

About ArKay ® Beverages Inc

ArKay ® was created with the purpose of improving people’s lives through beverages, providing taste-rocking, world-changing non-alcoholic liquors crafted in over hundreds of crispy flavored potions and still counting. ArKay beverages is the world’s first non-alcoholic liquors flavored drink collection, and has rapidly gained popularity worldwide with this truly unique and innovative drink. For consumers worldwide looking for an alcohol-free liquor alternative ArKay is the perfect drink to substitute for all alcoholic drinks.

ArKay non-alcoholic flavored liquors can be enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

ARKAY reminds everyone, “Don’t drink and drive unless it’s ARKAY®.”




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  1. Ahmed says:

    In one hand this drink can wait for another years before it goes to a Muslim strictly household. otherwise its a big YES for modern Muslims for this product.

    For me this drink is not yet going to hit in my house due to very strict family background. My mother will simply put it in the bin.


    All alcohol free beer, wine, champion are not made from scratch but they are all made from real beer, wine and champion. In Islamic fiqah such as tabdeele Mahiya does not applied to alcohol free beer and wine because Tabdeele Mahiya has specific requirements to apply to Haram product to become Halal such as converting alcohol a Haram ingredient to vinegar a Halal ingredient.

    In the case of alcohol free beer or wine no such thing happened, there is no chemical reaction, there is no name change which are few requirements of Tabdeele Mahiya. Production of alcohol free beer or wine is 100% based on physical action i.e. removing only alcohol from beer or wine without touching any other components of beer or wine. In USA, FDA requirements of alcohol free beer or wine must contains not more than 0.5% alcohol by volume or Dealcoholised: over 0.05% but less than 0.5% ABV(Alcohol By Volume). So all alcohol free beer from USA in Muslim countries contains a maximum of 0.5% Alcohol by ABV. This 0.5% is the result of alcoholic fermentation of sugars by yeast the principle used in making alcoholic beverages. This alcohol is the part of alcohol present in real beer and wine. Intoxicants were defined by our Prophet Sayyidina Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallum when he said in the authentic hadith that was reported by Abu Da’wwod and Al Tirmithi: whatever a lot of it intoxicates a person, little of it is forbidden. In the above hadith there is no mention of amount or number of serving of getting intoxicated by consuming little amount of intoxicant in a product which contains little amount of intoxicant. So consuming number of cans of alcohol free beer is irreverent. The basic point is the large or little amount of intoxicant is Haram and alcohol is a intoxicant.

    Alcohol content in Alcohol free beer or wine disqualify to consume based on the above hadith. There is no way any company in USA or anywhere can eliminate completely 100% alcohol from a beer or wine used by vacuum processing or using micro filter system to remove alcohol from beer or wine as they currently used in alcohol free beer or wine industry. What about rest of component of beer or wine. It remains as is, nothing happened to them. Alcohol free beer has the same volatile compounds as in original beer or wine. The purpose of alcohol free beer or wine is to maintain similar characteristic including taste, smell as in real beer or wine. All components of intoxicant are Haram because they are not present in original grape for grape wine or original cereals for beer made from cereals. All the components of beer or wine are the by-product of alcoholic fermentation of sugar content of grape or cereal by yeast.

    So it is in the opinion of MCG that alcohol free beer or wine is not Halal to consume by Muslim.


    This information is provided for Muslims all over the world so that they understand how a non alcoholic wine or beer is made and available throughout the world including in Muslim countries. The following are the facts about alcohol free wine, beer, its manufacture methods and its possible impact on Islamic Sharia(I am not a Alim but I will provide information so that the Muftiyans can make their own fatwas).
    1. Fact number one, Alcohol free wine or beer is made from real wine or beer. Wines from grape, date, honey, wheat is Khamr and Khamr is Haram according to several ahadith.
    2. Questions for Muftiyans, do they think that every component of wine also Haram including water in wine even wine made from grape.
    The composition of wine is:
    Water 80-85%, Alcohol 10-20%, Acids 0.4 – 1%, Sugar 0.1%(because all sugar in grape is used to produce alcohol), Mineral Salts 0.2 to 0.4%, Coloring substances 0.01 to 0.5%,
    Aromatic substances 0.01 to 0.1%, Sulphites 10 to 200 Part Millions
    3. Manufacturing processes used in manufacture of alcohol free wine or beer:

    a. Alcohol free wine beverages is produced by using US patented process(4775538) where table wine is combined with demineralized water and poured into a centrifugal evaporator where alcohol is spin off to produce a alcohol free wine base. Then grape juice concentrate is added to alcohol free wine base to make alcohol free wine.

    b. Vacuum Distillation where real wine or real beer is exposed to vacuum. Where due to change in atmospheric pressure with low heat or no heat the alcohol is distilled off.
    c. Reverse Osmosis, a procedure used to clean impurities from drinking water. Most American homes has this unit under their kitchen sinks. The reverse Osmosis has filters with very minutes pores Through these pores filters only alcohol and water with volatile acids in wine or in beer is filtered out of wine or beer without heat. Then those volatile acid and water is put back to a mixture of syrupy mixture of sugar, flavor compounds on the other side of filter after distilling out the alcohol from alcohol and water acid mixture. This is also called dealcoholized wine or beer.

    d. Non alcoholic sparkling wine or beer is made with a secondary fermentation to produce a non alcoholic sparkling wine or beer with less than 0.5% alcohol. Then carbon dioxide is forced to make a carbonated non alcoholic beer.

    4. Another fact is that all the experts in this industry said that it is very difficult and very expensive to eliminate all alcohol from wine or beer. This is the reason Non Alcoholic beverages still contain some original alcohol from wine or beer. This leads to a US Federal Law about Non Alcoholic wine or beer which states that Non Alcoholic wine or beer can contain up to 0.5% “original alcohol of wine or beer by volume.”
    If you consider above breakdown of grape wine, the non alcoholic grape wine contains 5% to 10% original amount of wine in the Non Alcoholic grape wine based on 10% to 20% alcohol content in grape wine and if the Non Alcoholic grape wine contains maximum 0.5% original alcohol of wine or beer by volume according to US federal law.

    So based on this calculation a Muslim who decides to consume Non Alcoholic grape wine is consuming 5% to 10% of original grape wine in Non Alcoholic grape wine.
    5. Another fact is that many producers of Non Alcoholic wine and beer want to keep the same original flavors compounds in Non Alcoholic wine or beer because to match original flavor and taste of wine or beer. Sometimes they add 2-2.5% residual sugar content to match a completely dry alcoholic wine. Some companies advertized that their Non Alcoholic wine or beer contains same original abundant flavors of original wine and beer.

    It was reported in research that It takes about 10 nonalcoholic malt beverages to equal the alcohol in one American-style lager.

    MCG thinks every component of prohibited wine or Khamr is also Haram same as every part of pig is Haram. But some Muftiyans may have different opinion.
    The purpose of this scientific information is to provide facts about Non Alcoholic wine or beer to every Muslims so that they can make decision to consume or not to consume Non Alcoholic wine or beer. But Muslim

    Consumer Group consider Non Alcoholic wine or beer as Haram beverage and recommend Muslims not to consume them.

    This article is based on some available scientific literature and Allah knows better.

  4. Ko Ko Latt says:

    Dear Sir .,

    We Gulf Group of Companies and K K Myanmar Company Limited was established in 2004.
    Gulf Group of Companies has committed to achieve sustainable and reputable service with the contribution of our shareholders and the efforts of our employees. The main responsible activities of the services provided by Gulf Group of Companies and K K Myanmar Business Group are Maritime Service, Travels and Tours Service, Commercial Business Sector on Export and Import, Development and Construction Project, Exchanging Various Type of Currency.
    Our strategy is to grow Group’s core business by leveraging our premium services and strong market position support by serve comprehensive range of quality and efficient service to our valuable clients. One of the highly regarded projects undertaken by our group was chartered passenger air-crafts of Pilgrims from Yangon to Jeddah in 2008-2014. By successfully completed this mega project, it has enable to provide all Pilgrimages with reliable and satisfied service. After this significant project, we are now planning to focus on investing in the Hotel and Real Estate services.
    Our Activities are representing national and global principals. K K Myanmar involved in different functions that range from the registration of the manufacturing sales products to the distribution of these principals products throughout the cities and remote areas in Myanmar for importing promotion and to enhance marketing of these products. In short we import all sorts of products from all around the world and promote and distribute all provinces in Myanmar.
    Presently we own 2 star Hotel Yangon city and Mandalay city we would put in our hotel halal Beer and halal Wine to Myanmar Markets. Please kindly advice how should we import to myanmar markets.

    Ko Ko Latt

  5. Jamal Dokkhy says:

    But this is not at all alcoholic. It has not been through any process this is water with some natural and chemicals. It just has the name and taste of these liquor. The drink is based on how perfume is made.I used to be a perfumer and perfumes are made of oils. Natural oils and chemical. My A perfumer can mimic a perfumer if he has the right formula. I did it as a perfumer. The owner of Arkay beverages was a perfumer and used the same is not alcohol. Does not have alcohol in the contents. I have the ingredients list.i know what is in it.islamically it is Haram to have suspicion. One needs to be sure of the contents of something before we label it Haram.yes if it went through a process to extract the alcohol then we can have doubts.but this is water based with extracts. I can vouch for it because I have received from them the ingredients list. I cannot list it on here because the company will not allow me to but because I wanted to import their products I was sent their list. Their products are even made in Saudi and the UAE.
    So Arkay beverages is different. It is not alcohol at all.

  6. Marwan H. Ghaly says:

    Well according to Holly Qur’an, we understand things as concepts, for example; When God forbids ‘Khamr’, He meant all kinds of substances that remove consciousness including beer, wine, whiskey .. etc that contains alcohol, same goes for drugs that put you in a similar state. So I guess a non-alcoholic beer or wine won’t trigger unconsiousness state, so it’s not Haram! God gave us minds to use it in distinguishing between Halal and Haram things. May God bless you all <3

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