USA: Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting & Food Expo

From June 25-28 2012, over 1,066 exhibitors and 18,000 attendees gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting & Food Expo. With very few globally recognized Halal certifiers in the United States, I.S.A. is met with the obligation to provide education regarding Halal diet, slaughter, and certification for products intended for the domestic and the international markets. I.S.A. welcomed the opportunity to serve as the forefront of Halal certifiers at the Expo again this year by answering questions and providing information to the public on Halal, its guidelines, and the vast opportunities for industry and producers.

Located in the Iowa Pavilion, I.S.A. received many visitors and inquiring individuals from both the manufacturer’s perspective as well as the consumer’s. Manufacturers’ questions ranged from “What is Halal?” to “My customers are requesting Halal certified products. How can I attain Halal certification for my products?” Consumers also posed the question “What is Halal?” however what many consumers were more interested in was “Where can I find Halal certified products in my area?” I.S.A.’s presence at the Expo, as an exhibitor instead of an attendee, gave those individuals who were searching for information about Halal a place to turn to.

Not only did I.S.A. meet and talk with new friends during the Expo, there was also time to enjoy visiting with old friends and colleagues as well. Several I.S.A. Halal certified manufacturers were also present at the Expo, as exhibitors and attendees. With companies spread out across the globe, IFT was an excellent forum to remain in contact with domestic and international customers.

The next IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo will held on July 13-16, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois and I.S.A. is pleased to announce that they again will participate as an exhibitor.

Company Information

Islamic Services of America (I.S.A.) plays a large role in the Halal industry both as an educator and a certifier. I.S.A. partners with companies that specialize in manufacturing all different types of food and beverage products and grants Halal certification for those products that are found to be Halal compliant.

I.S.A. follows the Halal certification rules and regulations that are monitored and enforced by the Halal governing authorities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and throughout the G.C.C., as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore and is a founding member of the World Halal Food Council. A detailed analysis and qualification of all products and their ingredients, as well as, an inspection of the manufacturing facility are all part of the Halal certification process which helps ensure the product is qualified as Halal and fit for Muslim consumption in accordance with Islamic law.

I.S.A. is a resource for the public, including both the consumer and the producer, and can address any questions regarding Halal. Often times, I.S.A. will provide information on alternative Halal certified products to replace those that have questionable ingredients, such as whey, L-Cystine, mono & diglycerides, gelatin, and many others.