USA: Islamic Services of America gives Halal certification for D7 disinfectant and hand sanitiser that fights the Novel Coronavirus

After years of research and development, Decon7 has been on the front line since 2012 with a decontamination foam for the safety of the military and first responders. A 2015 avian flu outbreak in the United States prompted their team to start exploring application cases for the food and biosecurity industry. Only producing two types of products, disinfectant and hand sanitizer, D7 covers almost every industry.

With its Halal Certification via Islamic Services of America (ISA), D7 has successfully entered the global Halal market including SE Asia and the Middle East. Specifically, Halal certification has enabled D7 to capture Malaysia and the Philippines. With Muslim populations, this product might have otherwise presented a challenge, as they either must or prefer to purchase Halal compliant products.

Being one of the only three JAKIM Malaysia accredited USA certifiers, the decision to certify with ISA was clear.

“ISA was extremely professional throughout the process and offered all of the required accreditations needed to enter our intended global market. ISA’s customer service stood out to us as well, and they were easy to contact and communicate with.” Mr. Joseph Drake – Founder & President of Decon7

Decon7 is considered a military and first responder focused company whose consumer demand has skyrocketed, expanding production facilities from two to eight! This alone has led to successfully creating employment for people who may have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Only producing two types of products, disinfectant and hand sanitizer, D7 covers almost every industry. Police and fire departments, emergency services, hospitals, hotels and grocery stores, just to name a few.

Their products have been proven to kill not only the SARS/CoV2 Coronavirus but it’s RNA in totality, whereas other disinfectants or sanitizers only dilute it.

While typical viruses can survive outside the human body for short periods of time, the Novel Coronavirus can remain on multiple surfaces for prolonged periods up to several days. D7 scientists have created a formula that kills it in totality, meaning no mutation or viable virus is left behind.

Halal certification with ISA has enabled Decon7 to expand their reach, allowing these crucial products into sectors that would have otherwise been without.