USA: Midamar celebrates 40 years as a Halal food production and USA export supply company

1814MidamarHFad14FCEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Midamar celebrated 40 years in the USA as a global supplier of halal food and export services.  Employees, customers, business associates and government officials from Iowa and around the globe joined Midamar Founder Bill Aossey, and Directors Jalel and Yahya Aossey in celebrating its 40th year of business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The celebration was held at the beautiful Kirkwood Hotel, located on the Kirkwood Community College Campus.

The festivities included a reception, dinner, children’s program, prizes and awards.  Midamar gave awards to employees who have assisted the company for decades in its growth and development.  Today Midamar exports US agricultural products to countries around the world, and has a growing domestic base of supermarkets, distributors and institutional customers.  Awards were also given to business associates and other stakeholders.

“We have several employees who have given Midamar many years of outstanding dedication and service. On this our 40th anniversary, we wanted to show our appreciation for their commitment to the company”, said Jalel Aossey, co-owner and managing director of Midamar.

Aossey added, “We also had several business associates and employees who worked very hard and who have helped Midamar through difficult times as well as suppliers and customers who have supported the company throughout the years.  We wanted to recognize everyone who has contributed to Midamar’s success and remained dedicated in their support of our company.”

During the celebration Midamar founder Bill Aossey discussed the historical development of Midamar and the roots of its development from his father’s pursuit of the American dream and settlement in America’s heartland at the turn of the century.  See video:

Bill Aossey was presented with a certificate from Senator Grassley’s office for 40 years of doing business and contributing to the economic growth of the State of Iowa. The certificate was awarded by Fred Schuster, the Regional Director of Senator Grassley’s office.

“After traveling the world and doing development work in African and Asian countries, I saw the opportunity to bring agricultural products from America’s heartland to the world.  I am honored to be recognized for my efforts to increase trade between the State of Iowa and the rest of the world.  I sincerely thank Senator Grassley and his office for this award,” stated Aossey.