USA: Midamar Corporation Donates to Local Charities

Midamar Corporation donated over 10,000 pounds of meat and poultry to local charities this past week. This is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to giving back in gratitude to its community.

Established in 1974 in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Midamar was the first food company in the USA to coordinate with USDA in the development of Halal standards and processes in USDA inspected and approved processing facilities. Since then, Midamar has become a globally recognized Halal Brand and leading exporter of USA produced Halal protein products.

“Being a local food company, our aim is to do what we can to combat hunger in our own community. It is disheartening that in Iowa, the heart of agricultural production in the Midwest, there are still many community members that are under nourished and in need of food,” said Jalel Aossey, Director at Midamar.

Midamar donated hundreds of cases of protein products to several organizations including, the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program (HACAP), Seeds for Seniors, The Lutheran Camp, Camp Courageous, Green Square Meals, Waypoint Services for Women, Children and Families, St. Vincent DePaul, Catholic Worker House, and the Larry Nelson Center.

Both volunteers and employees of local charitable organizations filled their freezers with thousands of pounds of veal and beef bacon, turkey salami, and breaded chicken wings. According to Katherine, at St. Vincent DePaul in Cedar Rapids, “In five days we packaged and distributed over 30 boxes of food to needy families and individuals and there is still plenty left to give in the future”.

Maggie Hotz picked up chicken products and beef bacon for The Lutheran Center Mission, Waypoint Services for Women, Children and Families, and the Lutheran Camp. “We have used the bacon on our breakfast bar at the camp, as well as in stews and casseroles. Donations like this really help us to keep our costs lower, and the participants in the camp loved the addition of delicious bacon to their breakfast.
Waypoint feeds lots and lots of kids during the summer months. I know this donation is helpful for them,” stated Holtz. “Contributions like this really help the community and make a difference”, she added.

Last year, Midamar won the “Distinguished Community Service Award” from the USDA’s Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Midamar was the first company in America to receive the USDA award “For exemplary work in providing Halal food options for Muslims in America and around the world.”

“We are very grateful to be able to build our business here in Iowa and to contribute to the betterment of our community. Giving food to neighborhood charities last week was extra special this year, as it was the first day of Ramadan, a month of generosity, reflection and giving to the less fortunate,” explained Jalel Aossey, Director of Midamar.


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