USA: Midamar Corporation to exhibit at Gulfood 2013

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (February 22, 2013) US Halal food pioneer and global supply chain leader Midamar,  will be exhibiting in the American Pavilion Booths M106-M108 at Gulfood 2013, in Dubai on February 23rd to 28th.  Midamar will be introducing its new Halal Turkey Deli Meats Line at the exhibition. (See Award presentation below.)

Established in 1974, Midamar is the first Halal food company in the USA to export USDA approved protein products to the Middle East and S.E. Asia.  Over the years, Midamar has become a trusted source for Halal meat and poultry products in the growing Middle Eastern food service sector.
95315158Gyros“As a brand, Midamar  has established a reputation for premium quality beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and chilled items like beef franks, deli meats, breakfast meats and prepared foods.  From the beginning, we have upheld the highest level of Halal brand integrity. We are not a brand that decided to produce Halal products. We have been a Halal brand from day one.  This factors into everything we do, and all new projects that we undertake”, says Director and Midamar owner Jalel Aossey

Midamar owners and staff have been attending Gulfood every year since the show began several years ago.  For the past several years visitors to the Midamar booth have been sampling delicious award winning authentically Greek Style Halal Gyros, and this year delegates will sample gyros and much more.

Jalel (684x548)The Co-Owner and Managing Director of Midamar, Jalel Aossey will be also be presenting at the Food Franchising Workshop at the Gulfood Conference on  February 27, 2013 at 1:15pm.  Aossey will deliver insights on food supply chain essentials, risk strategies, as well as Halal standards and issues to investors, restaurant owners, franchisees, and franchisors at the conference.  Aossey has more than 10 years of experience helping international franchise operators achieve smooth and seamless supply chain operations. He has also helped numerous franchisors in the Middle East achieve long lasting success with their restaurant developments.

Aossey added, “All professionals who are serious about food supply and services in the Middle East attend the Gulfood Show.  Gulfood  is by far the most prominent show in the entire region! Last year Midamar won  “Best New Halal Food” for the second year in a row at the Gulfood Awards for our Peppered Beef Strips. We also won the equally sought after 2012 award “Best New Fast Food Product or Innovation” for Halal Hickory Smoked Beef Strips. Those awards were great recognition for our products. Four of our products are finalists at the 2013 Gulfood Awards. We look forward to attending the 2013 Gulfood Show and re-connecting with our customers and friends. This show is essential for companies that want to get the latest updates and connections in the food and hospitality sector in the region”.

26 February – Gulfood Update – Midamar wins Gulfood Award for  its new Halal Turkey Deli Meats Line. 

Award winner for best new frozen or chilled food: Midamar Corporation – Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. Yahya, Bill and Jalel Aossey in the front row with their local agent holding the Gulfood Award.
Award winner for best new frozen or chilled food: Midamar Corporation – Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. Second from left Yahya, Bill and Jalel Aossey in the front row with their local UAE agent holding the Gulfood Award.