USA: Midamar Corporation Welcomes Return of Seized Funds

In October 2011 HalalFocus put up an article that the Midamar offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa were unexpectedly raided by government agencies, with no warning, and no explanation of the reason behind the raid. At the same time they seized the Midamar bank account, with no explanation. The following article is the press release on the outcome of this 5 month investigation, that still has not been explained to Midamar.

We have been informed that no charges were placed and the funds have been returned. Please read the following story by Midamar for the full account:

4 April 2013 (Cedar Rapids, Iowa-USA)

957midamarwebadFMidamar Corporation is the pioneer and a leader in Halal food services in the USA. Since 1974, Midamar has provided Halal food production and distribution, export management for US companies, and export services to restaurant franchises locating throughout the Middle East, South East Asia, and the Far East.

In a November 28, 2012 global press release, “Midamar Corporation Continues to Supply Customers World-Wide,” Midamar disclosed information regarding the October 17, 2012 raid by government agencies and the additional seizure of a Midamar bank account of approximately $1.7 million.  We are pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2013 the government has officially returned all of the funds that were frozen and seized from last October.

The return of funds was not accompanied by any information or explanation as to why the raid or such seizure actions were taken to begin with. Midamar continues to press for answers as the company believes its constitutional rights have been and continue to be violated. Midamar is greatly disappointed in the lack of response and accountability by the government agencies involved.

Furthermore there have been no charges filed against the company. The authorities have not responded to the company’s repeated requests after nearly five months to explain the reasons for the raid and seizure activities of October 2012.

We are eternally grateful to our suppliers, customers, media partners, Halal industry associates and organizations, and fellow citizens who have supported us through this troubling ordeal.

Again, Midamar has and continues to uphold all operations and obligations to its customers, vendors, and stakeholders.  All USDA and export supply lines services remain intact and fully operational.  All Midamar products continue to be sold domestically and exported to customers worldwide.

Sara Sayed, Marketing and Communications Director, Midamar Corporation