USA: MonoDose Water Soluble Films Certified Halal

MonoSol, LLC proudly announces that the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) certifies that MonoSol MonoDose films are halal and thereby suited for use by Muslims. Under Islamic dietary guidelines, halal products are deemed ‘permissible’ for consumption and contact by practicing Muslims.

“We’re pleased to achieve this distinction,” said MonoSol CEO P. Scott Bening. “IFANCA’s certification acknowledges our products as conforming to the halal dietary and contact standards of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.”

Although halal is a universal concept applied to all facets of Islamic life, halal certification is compliance of consumables meant for Muslim use. Halal certification is granted only when a product demonstrates alignment with Islamic dietary guidelines. Restrictions include prohibition against contact with pork (and their by-products), alcohol, intoxicants, as well as carnivorous and improperly slaughtered animals. Additionally, halal products must not be processed in a manner that allows contamination with any prohibited items.

MonoSol manufactures water-soluble films that are used in household brands around the world. The company’s flagship product, MonoDose film, is a dissolvable film essential to unit-dose detergent products. As the film dissolves, it releases the product that performs cleaning actions in automatic dishwashers and laundry equipment. MonoDose films are free from non-permissible (haram) or questionable (mashbooh) ingredients.

About MonoSol
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