USA: Saffron Road Enrolls in Non-GMO Project During Non-GMO Month

Brand Appeals to Consumers’ Desire to Have Clearly Labeled, Non-GMO Food

Stamford, CT – Polls consistently show the majority of Americans want clearly labeled food and say they will not buy foods that have been genetically modified. Today Saffron Road™ announces its efforts to meet consumers’ needs for proper labeling and non-GMO foods by joining the Non-GMO Project’s Verification Program.

GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are any plant, animal or microorganism that has had its genetic material altered using genetic engineering (GE) techniques. The Non-GMO Project is an initiative of the North American organic and natural product industry to create a standardized definition of non-GMO and a third party verification program to assess product compliance with this standard. The Project’s Product Verification Program is entirely voluntary, and participants are companies who see the value of offering their customers a verified non-GMO choice. Many of the individuals and businesses leading the way with the Project are the same ones responsible for creating the original organic standards.

“Joining the Non-GMO Project’s Verification Program reinforces our brand’s commitment to keeping GMOs out of our products, and providing only the highest-quality foods for our consumers. Over twenty years ago we vigorously supported the organic food movement and I see the urgency in early adoption of the Non-GMO project as being just as crucial today,” says Adnan Durrani, CEO of Saffron Road.

The Non-GMO Project’s seal for verified products will, for the first time, give the public an opportunity to make an informed choice when it comes to GMOs. “We support the Non-GMO movement and believe everyone deserves an informed choice about whether to consume genetically modified products,” says Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of Saffron Road. “Saffron Road is happy to provide our consumers with even more information and assurance to make educated choices about what to consume for themselves and their families.”

Upon completion of the Verification Program, consumers will soon be able to find the Non-GMO Certification Mark, the trusted Non-GMO standard for consumers, on Saffron Road’s product labels. For a list of the products we’ve enrolled see:

The brand’s enrollment comes at an especially relevant time, as October is Non-GMO Month, a month for awareness about the failures of GMO technology, and discovering the risks GMOs pose to our health, our families, and our planet. Non-GMO Month is an opportunity to coordinate our voices and our actions, so that we can stand up loudly and clearly for our right to know what’s in our food, and to choose non-GMO.