USA: Saudi Arabia Retail Foods Update 2012

Saudi Arabia has a vibrant food retail market, with several major retailers engaged in aggressive expansion plans in response to changing consumers’ preferences and increased competition. In 2012, about 24 supermarkets and hypermarket outlets were added to the growing retail food network in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi food retailers carry a wide range of products, from domestically processed food to imported upscale specialty and organic food products. U.S. exports of consumer-oriented products to Saudi Arabia have been rapidly growing, totaling $445 million in 2011 and about 37 percent higher than 2010.

The fast growth of retail food outlets in Saudi Arabia provides an excellent opportunity for U.S. suppliers of consumer products to expand their exports throughout the Kingdom. This report provides an update on the Saudi retail food market structure and information that the U.S. exporters would need to enter this important market.

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