USA: Third Halal Expo and Summit Goes Virtual in 2020!

Organizers plan to disrupt the market by challenging the status quo

Life after the pandemic caused by Covid-19 will never be the same; the way business is done has changed as well. The organizers of Halal Expo and Summit 2020 believe that it is time to adjust in order to recover. That is why they are adapting their virtual platform of the future to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Following two years of successful Halal Expo & Summit events in the US, this year’s summit goes forward with a virtual platform providing the functional equivalent of the conventional off-line events. The innovative state-of-the-art virtual site facilitates collaborative interaction among organizers, exhibitors, and customers, utilizing the talents of a highly skilled team who are committed to delivering a wide range of services in a virtual environment.

The summit will include sessions on the halal market in the US.  The summit will challenge the status quo, presenting stimulating and engaging topics, and asking the hard questions. Speakers include representatives from business, government agencies such as the USDA and FDA, academics, experts, and researchers focusing on various areas of the halal industry.

One of the exciting innovations this year, is the advent of startups in the halal market.  Selected startups will pitch their business ideas at special sessions to introduce new and innovative halal business concepts to investors.

Halal Expo and Summit 2020 is putting every effort to give the same or better experience in meeting and engaging with customers than previous summits and expos. The Virtual Halal Expo & Summit 2020 is different from any other virtual experience available. The virtual venue has been redesigned to feature a reception, stage, exhibition halls, executive lounge, and even a live chef’s kitchen experience.

Visitors will still be able to meet, engage, and share their products and services with live guests as usual. Customers will be able to explore those products virtually. Participants will be able to set up meetings and engage with vendors to sell or sign deals.

The Virtual Halal Expo and Summit 2020 will be held October 16th and 17th

It’s open for exhibitors, sponsors, customers, and just the curious visitor. The event is co-hosted by the American Halal Council, a non-profit association based in the Washington DC area.

This event is organized by Arabesque Media, a marketing and event planning firm founded in 2011. The company is one of the US top marketing agencies and specializes in creative and effective ethnic marketing in the United States.  It presented the first Halal Expo and Summit in 2018 and has been innovating ever since.