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Video: Halal integrity issues in UK

| 10/04/2010 | 1 Reply

Category: Halal Integrity, Meat & Poultry, UK, Video Clips

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  1. Dr. Norodin A. Kuit says:


    My concern is the authenticity of the Certified Halal Meat by other Certifiers wherein the feed of said animals is not considered. They do not consider farm to plate concept of Halal. As mentioned in hadith and practiced by our muslim forebears in the Philippines like my grandfather, they practiced withdrawal period before slaughtering range native chicken(3 days fed with plant based feeds before slaughter, 7 days for small ruminants and 40 days large ruminants).

    In my country and as a veterinarian, almost all certified dressed chicken in the country(except Ogis Poultry Farm in Pagadian City)are fed with subha feed ingredients such as Meat, blood(Haram) and bone meal as source of High protein.And many fastfood chains in the country with Halal Certified Logo(Bronze-Plated)even pork included in thier menus.

    As of now, we formulated 100% veggie Feeds(Sultan Feeds)and met all the neccessary requirements on Halal compliance, such as Non-GMO corn(contract growing) and soya(from Non-GMO Country),plant based Multivitamins, Moringa, Banana reject(Lab. tested for chemical residues), but still in a small scale due to lack of more funds.(BAI registered).

    So my opinion is this, since we are guided with Koran and Hadith for our Halal Certification Process, we can not attain 100% halal meat if we missed this aspect. Pls consider my concern.

    Dr. Kuit-Lead Halal Auditor
    Muslim Mindanao Halal Certification Board, Inc

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