Want to know what people think about Halal? Then ask them!

Research-illustrationNew research finding, the results from a joint project between London-based niche research specialists Ethnic Focus, and online Halal news site HalalFocus.com demonstrate the yawning gaps in perception around Halal market issues.

7,000 respondents, spread evenly between men and women from 7 Muslim majority (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey and UAE) and 7 Muslim minority countries (Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA) were asked a series of 10 questions to gauge their basic attitudes towards Halal.

Unlike some past exercises, respondents were asked questions such as, “Is your view of Halal products and services affected by news stories such as Charlie Hebdo, or ISIS?” and “How much do you think these news stories are biased against Islam?”. The answers, to say the least, are revealing.

And to plumb the depths of a current internet rumour, respondents were asked, “Do you think there is a connection between buying Halal food and terrorism?” The answers to this one are unnerving.

We are not yet in a position to give any details of the results, which are literally hot off the press.

But watch this space. The results will be presented at the forthcoming World Halal Summit in Kuala Lumpur on 1-3 April. Dr Saber Khan, CEO of Ethnic Focus will be presenting the headlines of his research findings, and a full report is expected later in the year once the results and implications have been analysed.

Oh yes…we also asked, “Do you trust bankers?” and followed it up with “Would you trust an Islamic banker any more or less than a regular banker?”. The answers to that one are an eye-opener.

There will be a press release and interviews with Dr Saber Khan following his presentation at the WHS.

Stay tuned.