Webinar: Impact of Global Challenges on the Halal Food Industry

World Halal Authority (www.wha-halal.org) – a fully accredited Halal certification body with its headquarters in Italy and with offices currently in the UK and Spain, for the first time in Europe, has created a series of webinars that help companies to know the main information necessary to be successful in the halal market.

The next webinar, The Impact of Global Challenges on the Halal Food Industry’, will be held on Tuesday, 12 January 2021. To participate in the free webinar go to: https://www.wha-halal.org/en/the-impact-of-global-challenges-on-halal-food-industry/  and fill out the registration form.

Interest from beyond Europe was not long in making itself felt, and among the supporters of the event we find the most important institutions in the Halal world such as the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC): the body that deals with the development of Halal standards in the 57 OIC countries.

Important issues such as the trade opportunities offered by Gulfood, the implications of Brexit on the meat industry and guidelines on international Halal standards are some of the topics.

Ihsan Ovut – SMIIC Secretary General, Muhammad Naim Mohd Aziz – Special Officer of the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department Malaysia and Shariah Halal Auditor & Lead Shariah Halal Auditor with 14 years of experience in JAKIM, and Katie Doherty – CEO of the International Meat Trade Association are among the esteemed speakers.

“It is a pity that companies are losing important business opportunities due to a lack of information – says Dr. Mohamed Elkafrawy, CEO and President of the World Halal Authority – World Halal Authority has a duty to inform companies interested in this sector and guide them step by step among the authentic halal principles. It is right that quality entrepreneurs and consultants have all the information they need to make informed choices.”