WHS 2015 opens the door on Halal 3.0

We all inhabit an increasingly digitised world. Many of us spend more of our working day interfacing with screens, small, medium and large, than with we do with other people’s faces. We engage and interact in non-located globalised communities that are just ‘out there’ somewhere in cyberspace.

How will this global shift affect the Halal sector? Various initiatives that have dipped their toes into these digital waters have come and gone over the past few years. Some of them were ideas that were ahead of their times. Some others were just not properly thought out and simply faded away. And others have not only stayed the course, but have emerged as role models and cutting edge ideas that somehow have managed to capture the zeitgeist of the Halal market.

At WHS 2015 we are wading right into these waters. We will showcase, explore, discuss and probably argue about the opportunities and challenges that the digital world presents to the Halal market players and workers.

We have sessions that go into:

  • Online Muslim Lifestyle Markets
  • Online TV – Netflix for Muslims
  • Crowdfunding in the Halal sector
  • Digital Marketing in Muslim Lifestyle Markets
  • Halal Certification in the Electronic Age
  • Online Training models
  • Online Halal Travel initiatives

Halal 3.0 is here with us now. It is building up in strength and energy, like a wave. Some of us will go surfing, others of us may be swept away. But there is clearly an identifiable new energy in the Halal space, one that looks with keen eyes into the horizon, sniffing for opportunity.

Dinosaurs beware. Climate change is a’coming.