World Halal Business and Food Expo Held in Jakarta

The seal of Halal from MUI

Saturday, 21 November 2009 | 7:23 AM

– The Food, Drug and Cosmetics Study Institute at the Indonesian Ulemas
Council (MUI) and PT Puteri Cahaya Kharisma (Performax) will hold a
world halal summit and  halal business and food expo here on July
23-25, 2010.


“The events will be attended by representatives
from Muslim countries. Most of them are engaged in food, beverage,
banking, distribution, hypermart, and cosmetics industries,” Performax
President Director Risda Amarina said here on Friday.


As the
world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia played an important role in
halal food and beverage industries to protect world Muslim customers.
It also had the potential to serve as a source of world halal products
and a destination of Muslim tourists, she said.


was also open to international trade and therefore, it was very
reasonable for the country to play an important role in applying a
halal system, she said. According to her, the halal system applied not
only to foods and beverages but also to businesses based on Islamic


She said the halal system in Indonesia had
covered the food  sector and the sharia banking industry as the
business supporting sector. However, many business agents and people
still had inadequate knowledge of halal concept in an integrated way.


familiarize the community with the concept, the institute, along with
Performax under the sponsorship of the Trade Ministry, the Culture and
Tourism Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, the Industry Ministry, and
the Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM) would organize the events,” she