World Halal Summit Gathers Key Players in Halal Sector


The World Halal Summit in Kuala Lumpur will be held from 30th March through till 4th April. It comprises the world famous MIHAS trade show, now in its 12th year, the JAKIM Certifiers annual gathering and HDC’s Conference.

But the perhaps the real treasure of the WHS 2015 are the four specialist Forums:

  • Certifiers Forum
  • Business Forum
  • Academics Forum
  • Scholars Forum

These dedicated sessions home in on many of the major issues that are current in the Halal sector right now, and over 70 Halal sector specialists will be presenting, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing.

The Forums are mostly made up of moderated panel discussions, and the audience will be invited to join in the conversation in these interactive sessions. No more yawning your way through back-to-back Powerpoint slides. Real conversations with industry experts on topics such as:

  • Harmonising standards for international trade
  • Accreditation systems to monitor certification bodies
  • New initiatives from the GCC, Turkey, the OIC and IDB
  • New research on consumer attitudes in Muslim and non-Muslim countries
  • Crowdfunding initiatives
  • eCommerce in the Halal sector
  • Food and agriculture investment opportunities in OIC countries
  • New research on overcoming opposition to Halal
  • Halal certification in the electronic age
  • Opposition to Halal in non-Muslim countries
  • Islamic perspectives on food commodity speculation
  • Curriculum development for the Halal ecosystem
  • Online training models
  • and more…..much more!

For full details, visit and check out the full programmes on the top menu

Registration is online only, and spaces are limited.

Some forums are already full, so if you are interested, better register now.