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HalalFocus went online in 2007 and is owned and run by Imarat Consultants, a specialist business consultancy that has a dedicated field of focus on the Global Halal market after recognising and anticipating the potential rapid rise in interest and demand for Halal products and services.

It is our goal to keep people up to date with its growth globally to help move it forward to become mainstream. HalalFocus is our shared online filing cabinet of news, opinion, research papers, statistics, reports…anything we find useful…and some of our own writing too.

We decided from the start to keep it free, as a useful contribution to the growing Halal market movements around the world. As of November 2018, there are 6,145 articles in 70 categories, and we add something new most days.

We are of the firm opinion that the Halal sector is becoming one of the most influential market forces in global trade, representing a paradigm shift that defines a new market based on religious belief and practice. Islam represents 25% of the world’s population now, and in addition to this 1.6 billion Muslim population base, Halal goods and services are proving to have an extensive potential cross-over market appeal.

We know from our own experience that governments, major corporations, SME’s, investors and entrepreneurs around the world are all increasingly recogising the scope, depth and breadth of this new market paradigm. It is an engine driving towards a new kind of commerce, lawful and wholesome, with a whole new customer base who want to live by their values.

We have done our best to keep HalalFocus current with changes in the Halal sector worldwide to benefit this network, and beyond. It is our hope to enlighten people about the potential of the various sectors of the Halal market as a new growth area for their products and services.

For further information about HalalFocus; submissions of articles; or requests for advertising space, short or long term, please contact Salama Evans: salama@halalfocus.com

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