HalalFocus Media Kit
HalalFocus Media Kit

Advertising your companies products or services on HalalFocus is an excellent way to get your message across to the rapidly expanding world of consumers and decision-makers in the Halal market. HalalFocus readers are people who are actively looking for Halal products and services: food, personal care, health, travel, finance and more.

With current page views of over 500,000 per month, advertising rates start as low as 40 pence per 1,000 impressions, with consistently high readership from the USA, UK and Malaysia.

HalalFocus is a media partner to all the major Halal industry trade shows, and is a globally recognised media platform in the Halal marketplace.

There are very few media platforms that put your message in front of the Halal industry customers, in part due to the relative ‘newness’ of the Halal sector as a distinct market in its own right. At HalalFocus, we have made a decision to be the leading Halal sector website offering global Halal market news coverage, along with intelligent commentary.

Since 2007, we have been scouring the news sources to select the content that we believe is of the most interest to businesses and consumers who want to understand the cutting-edge of this developing market. It is where we store the information that we, as market-watchers and analysts, find interesting and relevant, news we want to have access to ourselves for our own consulting projects.

In addition, HF is read by many senior decision-makers in the Halal industry, from both public and private sectors, from public-listed companies as well as SME’s and business owners who want to stay informed about the Halal market.

In addition to our rapidly expanding numbers of regular readers, HalalFocus is the ONLY Halal market website to be hosted on the Thomson Reuters subscription-only ‘3000 Xtra’ Islamic Finance Gateway, read by top government and corporate policy-makers around the world. This means YOUR advertising is also seen by their subscribers.

The pace of competition is starting to seriously hot up in the Halal market. Governments are looking at ways to implement Halal industry developments programmes to strengthen their national economies. Major corporations are looking at the Halal compliance as a potential key to open up new markets, both domestic and global. SME’s in all corners of the world are looking to take their place in this rapidly expanding market that was recently described by A T Kearney as ‘the fastest-growing consumer market in the world.”

If you want to put your message in the middle of this market, think about advertising on HalalFocus. The people you want to reach are probably already reading our news. If you are interested in advertising on HalalFocus, please download our Advertisers Media Kit, which will give you more details, including our advertising rates.

Contact us at info@halalfocus.com for further information