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UK: Bid to label all Halal and Kosher meat blocked by Parliament after Manchester MP forces vote

| 24/04/2012 | 4 Replies

By Dean Wilkins

A bid to label all Halal and Kosher meat is being blocked by Parliament after a Manchester MP forced a vote in Commons.

Conservative MP Philip Davies wanted customers in the UK to be fully informed about what products they bought however Labour’s Gorton MP Sir Gerald Kaufman spoke out.

MPs voted to block the Food Labelling (Halal and Kosher Meat) Bill 73 to 70, a majority of three.

Mr Davies said while Muslims make up three per cent of the UK population it is estimated Halal meat makes up around 25 per cent of meat sales in Britain.

He said: “There are some people in this country who would wish to ban Halal and Kosher meat on animal welfare grounds. I am not one of those people – I’m happy for people to make the decision themselves – but they should be allowed to make an informed decision.

“My Bill does not favour one or the other – it is to help everybody.”

Sir Gerald said he did not believe Mr Davies’ Bill was anti-Semitic, but said he strongly opposed it because it was inconsistent by picking out only the practices of Muslims and Jews.

Sir Gerald told the Commons: “This has profound connotations of religious feelings and I would be letting my own faith down, my family, I would be letting my many, many good decent, fine religious Muslims in my constituency down if I did not state my total opposition to this Bill.”


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  1. Erica says:

    Now we will never know, if the meat is Stunned or Non Stunned!

    All products should be labelled, to allow the consumer the freedom of choice!

  2. abu Eesa says:

    This was only to label Halal and kosher.
    The push for a law to show stunned and Non-stun is still being pushed forward!

  3. Morrie Greenberg says:

    Just to put my view, as someone who was brought up on Kosher rather than halal food.
    It is obvious to me that it is not the Muslim community but my own Jewish community that do not want Kosher/Halal meat to be labelled for the public to see and make their own choice.
    We all know the the well publicised stories of Halal food getting into the main food chain, sports centres etc, but not labelled as such.
    What is never mentioned is that 75% of a Kosher slaughtered animal is declared non-Kosher and is sold into the mainstream food market.
    This is the real reason Gerald Kaufmann and others voted against the lebelling of Kosher/Halal meat, the extra cost of being unable to sell on the 75% as it is not seen or accepted as Kosher by Jews, but would have to be labelled as such (In effect Kosher would have to be imported to get around this). This would put massive price rises on (already expensive) Kosher retail meat.
    I as a human, cannot deny the right of purchaser to have food labelled Kosher or Halal. But many in my community will always vote against it to save the extra expense.

  4. Lee Goffin says:

    UK consumers will be surprised to learn that most New Zealanders are not aware that both meat for export and domestic meat supplies in NZ are halal slaughtered or that Halal Certification Fees for this religious slaughter is paid netting a constant flow of thousands of dollars to the Federation of Islamic Societies of NZ and funding their dawa or evangelisation activities, their building of mosques and sponsoring visiting Islamic speakers.

    Unlike other charities or religious or social groups soliciting funds to their cause labelling specific products and adding a premium to their retail price for that purpose, halal meat products are not labelled to give the consumer informed choice and most consumers are unaware they are supporting the Islamic Federation’s funded activities.

    Meanwhile while other religious groups and charities continue to fund raise for their cause through endless raffles, car washes, cake stalls, sausage sizzles and appeals to the public the Islamic community continues to secretly benefit from this secret and perpetual fundraising bonanza the like of which has never been seen in this country.

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