UK: Meat Management Awards 2011 – Best Poultry Product

MEAT MANAGEMENT AWARDS 2011 – Best Poultry Product

On Wednesday 8th June 2011, the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London played
host to the annual Meat Management Awards.

This popular event saw several high profile companies participate in different categories.
This year saw Lancashire based family firm Gafoor Poultry Products awarded as a
finalist in the best poultry product category.

MRC Manchester Rusk Company sponsored the Best Poultry Product award.

Judging for the entries took place in early April. Gafoor poultry products submitted two
entries from their own brand ‘Gafoor Pure Halal’ packed in a supermarket ready tray
together with a chilled cooking sauce. Several judges sampled and critiqued the products

Preparation time, product appearance before & after cooking, taste, flavour, texture
packaging, & presentation.

With over 80 reputable entrants, contending for the best poultry category the judges
overall comments were, “a good robust product “ earmarking Gafoor Pure Halal as one to

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