HalalFocus founder giving talk at Muslim Lifestyle Expo, Coventry

AH pic 2Abdalhamid Evans, senior strategist at Imarat Consultants and founder of HalalFocus will be giving a talk at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo MLE in Coventry on 1st August at 11am.

The inaugural MLE will be held on 1-2 August at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. This first-of-a-kind event will celebrate the diversity of the UK Muslim community, featuring entertainment as well as products and services geared towards Muslim lifestyles.

The MLE will focus on food, travel, fashion, finance, health and beauty, the creative arts and entertainment, with a good array of exhibitors across all these sectors, making for a fun day out for families, as well as a good opportunity for businesses to gain access to the Muslim customers.

The market for Halal products and services has blossomed into a global phenomenon over that past decade, and has attracted the attention of policy makers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.

With many traditional markets stagnating or going into decline, the emerging Muslim consumer market has opened up a new horizon of opportunity for businesses in many market sectors.

The Muslims represent one of the youngest and fastest growing demographic in the world, with around 60% under the age of 30. A new generation of urban Muslims, globally connected, hip and aware of current trends, politically savvy and well educated are going to be key influencers in shaping the future over the coming decades.

With the current polarisation of opinion about Islam, the Halal market opens a new opportunity to move general perception away from the negative to focus on more real and relevant issues. The phenomenal growth of the global Halal ecosystem, already estimated around $1.6 trillion, offers economic growth, job creation, trade, investment and export opportunities as well as social integration and multicultural understanding.

It is also an appealing and highly practical way to bring some core Islamic values into the commercial arena in a way that can have mainstream appeal.

Join us at the MLE in Coventry! For more info, please visit the MLE website