Saudi Arabia: Muslim World League Launches Halal Identification System

MAKKAH: The Muslim World League on Tuesday launched an advanced halal identification system, which will help to guarantee that all meat products exported to Saudi Arabia, and a number of other countries, comply with Shariah standards.

The global system, which represents the highest halal standards, will be overseen by the league, which is the only organization in Saudi Arabia, and several other Islamic countries, authorized to issue halal certificates. The Kingdom’s grand mufti, Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, had previously hailed the efforts of the MWL in this field, and the league has signed agreements with a number of Islamic and non-Islamic countries.

“By announcing the launch of the advanced halal identification system, the MWL confirms that it is the only authority responsible for certifying Islamic centers and examination companies working in the halal field across the world,” said MWL spokesman Adel Al-Harbi. He added that he was proud of the new system, representatives of which can be reached at

MWL was declared the only legitimate body authorized to export halal products to Saudi Arabia in a royal decree that restricted the issuance of halal certificates to the league in recognition of its international relations, experience in cooperating and coordinating with local and international bodies, and for meeting the Shariah conditions for producing, manufacturing and marketing halal products. The Council of Senior Scholars had issued, through the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta, headed by the grand mufti, a fatwa stating that the authority responsible for halal meat exported to the Kingdom is MWL. It is the oldest Islamic organization working in the field of halal food, with more than 30 years of experience and offices, partners and Islamic centers around the world.
MWL has warned against the practices of some authorities and companies that work in the field, who it says provide misleading and incorrect information and lack legitimate specialization. The MWL pledged to continue to expose violations by these companies.