Agro Technology Park Showcase

Bandar Seri Begawan – One of the highlights at this year’s International Halal Expo is the Agro Park showcase.

The Department of Agriculture, under the Ministry of Industry and
Primary Resources last year appointed SQW Consulting of the United
Kingdom for the design of the park masterplan, and the
implementation of recommended commercial and institutional frameworks.

The 263-hectare Agro Technology Park in Tungku is one of the
government’s initiatives to diversify its economy to promote sectors
other than oil and oil-based activities.

Fifty hectares will be developed for Phase I park while an area adjacent to the site will be reserved for experimental farming.

The park will also attract research and innovative technological
applications with a particular focus on science-based activities in
agriculture, fisheries, and forestry.

Attractive working conditions to international executives and their
staff will be offered at The Park, which will create an exceptionally
high quality landscaped environment.

One of the first anchor developments will be a Halal Science Centre,
a research institute designed to become one of the main global hubs of
excellence in halal-related activities.

The proposed Halal Science Centre will be able to develop a
world-class halal accreditation science centre in Brunei and provide
accreditation services for food and non-food (pharmaceutical and
cosmetic) products.

Laboratory works for the early stages of the Halal Science Centre
will focus on primary food ingredients such as cooking oil,
preservatives and other basic food ingredients. At a later stage, the
centre will be able to examine and analyse various food ingredients. It
will also venture out to analyse non-food products.

The establishment of the Halal Science Centre is in line with
Brunei’s aspiration to develop its ability to provide accreditation
services for Brunei Halal Certification process and Brunei Halal brand

Brunei’s current capabilities in research and development will be
streamlined in the field of analytical services together with
world-class technologies and expertise to achieve the ultimate
aspiration – all with the involvement of the Ministry of Industry and
Primary Resources, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the
Universiti Brunei Darussalam,

The Halal Science Centre will analyse food ingredients, processed
food and non-food products, research and development of analytical
techniques and products in Halal science, training and education in
related Halal science and will develop databases for detected
ingredients, food and non-food product samples throughout the local

The park will also be a venue for a Food Development Centre, to
research on agricultural products, to innovate value-added processing
of the products and provide an Agribusiness Incubator, which will
facilitate the set up of agribusiness companies to tap the scientific
and managerial resources and develop into viable ventures. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin