Amanah Halal Research Centre Launches Certified Halal Auditor Online Study Program

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Amanah Halal Research Centre Launches Certified Halal Auditor Online Study Program

Amanah Halal Research Centre has launched Certified Halal Auditor, an online 3 months study program.

July 26, 2017 (Germany): The global halal industry is only merely limited to Muslim countries but non-Muslim countries have also joined this multi-trillion-dollar industry. With the increasing interest in promising halal industry, the need for certified halal products is also increasing to satisfy consumers. However, the global halal industry is facing acute shortage of skilled halal auditors. By keeping this factor into consideration, Amanah Halal Research Centre has launched 3 months comprehensive online Certified Halal Auditor study program to provide an opportunity to those individuals who are already working in food industry and to those who aspire to work for halal industry in future.

Amanah Halal Research Centre has developed a state of art online learning tool which is supported by BJ Technologies. This tool enables registered participants to access learning resources 24/7, opportunity to interactive with their tutors, watch online videos and complete their assignments and exams.

The launch of 3-month Halal Auditor certification is viewed as a positive step by major halal producers, exporters, logistic providers, researchers and academicians for the development of Halal industry. Mr. Ashfaq who is the CEO of Amanah Halal Research stated the objectives as “unprecedented growth in the global halal industry creates opportunities for Halal auditors in different segments of industry. The fragmented nature of the global Halal certification industry results in a lack of uniformity in Halal certifications around the world. However, our Certified Halal Auditor program is an attempt to overcome this challenge. The Certified Halal Auditor (CHA) course gives an advanced level of understanding about auditing practices for Halal products.”

This program is meticulously structured to award a professional qualification to auditors by providing in-depth knowledge about the concept of Halal, detailed descriptions of halal standards and procedures. The aim of this certification is to uplift the quality of the Halal auditing process by using standardized criteria. The course is structured in such a way that it provides a highly interactive platform that allows professionals the flexibility they need to effectively manage their education pursuits in tandem with other obligations, such as career and family. To know in detail about this program, please visit

About Amanah Halal Research Centre:

Amanah Halal Research Centre (Amanah HRC) is an international organization working globally and has offices in Pakistan and Germany. Amanah HRC has signed collaboration with leading universities and companies in over 30 countries such as Italy, Germany, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Malaysia and Nigeria. Amanah HRC is committed to promote the halal industry and it provides a diverse range of unrivalled services which includes advisory and consultancy, Halal certification, market research and development, education and capacity building, strategy design and implementation, publications and conferences.

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