Bioinnovare identifies Japanese products for Brunei’s halal industry

By Aziz Idris

President of Teichu Co Ltd, Kazuhiro Okimoto and Bioinnovare Co Ltd Founder-President and CEO,
Quamrul Hasan, showcasing their halal products from Japan. – AZIZ IDRIS

Bioinnovare in partnership with a Japanese company, Teichu Co Ltd, have identified several food, health
and beauty products as well as ingredients manufactured in Japan that are in compliance with Brunei’s
regulations within the halal industry.

Some of these high-tech products and ingredients have already earned complete trust from both domestic
and international markets and as a result are currently in high demand (halal gelatin and collagen).

The founder, president and CEO of Bioinnovare Co Ltd, Mr Quamrul Hasan, said “The materials are of
such a quality that when you eat, you don’t taste the collagen. It’s very tender and soft and melts easily”.

“The interesting part is that the halal collagen can be printed with edible ink”, he added.

Another product that was introduced was ‘Agar’, a semi-solid soft jelly based with a pinch of lemon and
consists of 100 per cent natural fiber.

“Agar is made from seaweed, has no calories and cleanses your stomach naturally, which is very useful for
diets”, said Mr Quamrul Hasan.

“The product which can only be found in Japan, due to its high-tech level of research and development has
been popular with the Japanese for over 1000 years. Agar is not just for drinking purposes but is also used
for cooking food”, he added.

Other products mentioned included cosmetics such as face-wash, which contained enzymes necessary to
help remove dirt more efficiently and is soothing for the skin.

According to Mr Quamrul Hasan, efforts are underway to identify a possible mechanism as well as a
potential partner in Brunei.

“I’m trying to introduce Japanese halal products to Brunei as most people back in Japan are either unaware
or simply do not really care about halal products”, he added.

When asked about the halal market in Brunei, Mr Quamrul said, “We have been talking with the Brunei
Economic Development Board (BEDB) and I personally think that Brunei and Japan have a lot of
opportunities for cooperation but we will probably need to start from scratch.”

He continued on by saying, “The local business community needs more support and we are willing to work
together in order to create a business link with Brunei.”

Interested parties are welcome to visit the Bioinnovare booth at the International Halal Expo being held at
the ICC or for further information visit their website