Brunei business organisations to widen business prospects with Singapore counterparts

By Rosli Abidin Yahya

“Malay business organisations are looking forward to the arrival of their Singapore counterparts next month,”
said Hj Osman Hj Omar, the president of Brunei Malay Entrepreneurs Federation (PPPMB).

He said the visit will definitely boost the current business situation as both the local Malay business
associations PPPMB and Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) will have the
opportunity to widen their economic network with their Singapore counterparts. “Members of our federation
are indeed looking forward to expand our business network with the Singapore Malay Chamber of
Commerce and Industry or SMCCI.”

He hoped that members will seize the opportunity to widen their business horizon.

According to Hj Osman, the six-day visit by SMCCI commencing on August 13, is to fulfil various invitations
by several local ministries and agencies.

The visit will culminate on August 14 during the International Halal Products Expo (IHPE) at the International
Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas. “According to the itinerary provided by SMCCI, the visitors will be
attending various business and investment briefing sessions from several ministries and agencies,” Hj
Osman said.

This includes meetings on investment opportunities by Brunei Economic Development Board, Brunei Halal
Brand by Department of Agriculture, Tourism Development and opportunities by the Tourism Development
Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.

The Singapore delegation has also been invited to participate in the International Halal Market Conference in
conjunction with the 3rd IHPE.

According to the president of SMCCI, Datuk Mohd Zain Abdullah, a Muslim Member of the Parliament will
lead the Singapore entourage.

The delegation will also visit places of interest accompanied by officers of the Brunei Tourism Development
Department including Royal Regalia and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. They will also have the
chance of observing local community life at Kg Setia as well as conduct technical visits to business
establishments of Mahkota Crystal, Seri Pakatan Shrimp Crackers, Sahamada Corporation, the floating
restaurant and resort of HAD Enterprise.

“The delegation will also visit the Culture Centre and Sumbangsih Mulia which exhibits various local arts and
handicrafts,” said Hj Osman.