Brunei Halal products enter UAE market in Mideast push

James Kon  | Borneo Bulletin

AFTER making a successful entry into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market recently, Halal major Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd is setting its sights on the massive Middle East market, in bid to build bruneihalalfoods as an iconic international brand.

The latest achievement and future plans of Ghanim International were revealed by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Nur Rahman yesterday on the sidelines of the company’s Hari Raya celebration.

“We sent a trial shipment of bruneihalalfoods products to UAE a few weeks ago. We now have commercial orders on hand and we hope to fulfil them very soon. The products are ready-to-cook chicken and lamb and the initial orders will be sent as air cargo,” he said.

Ghanim International hopes that its entry into the UAE market will help it penetrate the larger Middle East market and market the Halal products from its UK plant as well as Brunei’s local products in the region.

Meanwhile, the CEO also revealed that following the recent success of Brunei’s very own blue shrimp crackers in China, a second customer there has also started buying them. Two containers of blue shrimp crackers have already been sent, he said, adding that the company will be sending another container of ice-cream and other products soon.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghanim International Corporation, Dr Nur Rahman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghanim International Corporation, Dr Nur Rahman
Some of the bruneihalal products on display. - PHOTOS: JAMES KON
Some of the bruneihalal products on display. – PHOTOS: JAMES KON

“We are also about to send products manufactured in Brunei like cordial drinks, sugar and salt replacements and blue shrimp prawn crackers to Singapore in the coming weeks.

“These products will be available in Halal supermarkets. Hopefully, we can also send our ice-cream and other products to Singapore,” the CEO noted. “We are very positive about the latest developments and the feedback on our products has been very good so far.

“Our next targets are Korea, Japan and European markets of France, Sweden and Belgium.”

Ghanim International has already made its move to tap into the Korean market. The recently held trial out of bruneihalalfoods products for Korean tourists at the The Empire Hotel & Country Club received highly positive feedbacks. A number of Korean buyers who visited Brunei recently have expressed their interest to take our products,” Dr Nur Rahman revealed.

Touching on the variety of products under bruneihalalfoods, he said, “We have launched about 30 products last year and now we have 50 products from Brunei that are ready to hit the market.

“Together with our UK production plant, we have about 100 stock keeping units under the Brunei Halal group. Brunei Halal is an organisation that is trying to help local SMEs export their products. Our plan is to increase the country’s export income by penetrating international market and growing our brand.

“We expect Brunei Halal brand will be one of the recognised brands around the world. With the help of the government and local SMEs, we want to expand our international customer base and take our products to as many countries as possible,” Dr Nur Rahman said.