Brunei Halal set to penetrate six countries this fiscal year

  Siti Hajar, Borneo Bulletin

THE country’s flagship Brunei Halal brand is looking to penetrate the markets of six countries this financial year following milestones that have seen exports to neighbouring Singapore as well the United Kingdom.brunei-halal

In an interview yesterday on the sidelines of a BIMP-EAGA dialogue at The Airport Mall in Berakas, Dr Nur Rahman, the recently-appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghanim International Group, explained that the company is targeting countries in Asia, the Middle East as well as those in Europe, stating that current supply of Halal products in a number of countries is not meeting demand and Brunei could provide a Halal solution.

With the lack of Halal options on a global scale, he said, “someone has to take the lead and Brunei Halal is taking this lead to come up with product solutions for the international market”.

The CEO explained that the Middle East is the next anticipated market for the brand with the next few weeks slated to see the fast-tracking of procedures including registration to facilitate the brand’s introduction to the Arab world starting with Dubai with support from the Brunei Embassy.

BruneiHalalHe said that LuLu, the Middle East’s biggest retailer group with 123 outlets in the Gulf Cooperation Council, has selected a number of Brunei Halal products for the company’s United Kingdom (UK) operations with consumers in the Middle East also ready to welcome the move.

“This is really exciting not just for Ghanim International but also for Brunei.”

After introducing Tesco’s shelves with the Brunei Halal product line, Dr Nur Rahman said that grocery chain Asda will carry 24 of Ghanim International goods in its 110 stores across the UK starting this month.

It is hoped that by the end of April, “our products will have a presence in every part of the United Kingdom,” through the agreement with the UK food venture.

With marketing the main driving force behind its success, he said that getting distribution off the ground and expanding Brunei Halal’s reach is being facilitated using the foundation that has been created since the company’s introduction in 2009.

“We have improvements in opportunities and we are using this opportunity as the platform,” for market diversification.

The brand, he said, “is a good concept and its objective is excellent and what we need to do is strategise and execute,” including provision of more Halal products, which is hoped to eventually include pharmaceutical products as well as cosmetics.

“We have significant plans for the next financial year and the team is excited to reach these milestones.”

The company’s financial future, he explained, “is going to be profitable, sustainable and it has the opportunity grow. We will look forward to what we can do. The signs we are seeing are substantial and the responses we have been getting have been positive.


November 2015

Ghanim appoints New Group CEO

Aziz Idris, Borneo Bulletin

THE Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd Board of Directors has selected Dr Nur Rahman as the organisation’s next Group Chief Executive Officer. Dr Nur Rahman took over the long vacant position of Group CEO as of October 12, 2015.

After completing his initial degree in Veterinary Medicine and Masters in Veterinary Science, Nur completed his Masters of Applied Science in Food Microbiology and Masters of Business and Technology from the University of New South Wales.

Nur has worked in senior executive positions for a number of large organisations in Australia including Woolworths limited, Gloria Jean’s Coffees International, Goodman Fielder, Copper pot dips, Attiki yoghurts, BE Campbell Pty ltd (meat), Tamworth City Council and Cargill Foods (meat division). Nur is a certified principal auditor in Quality Management System/ISO and also an auditor in food safety.

“I’m honoured and I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organisation of creative, dedicated and talented professionals,” said Nur in a press statement.

“Ghanim, with its strong business ambitions, is well-positioned to tap into new opportunities in the food business, particularly during this time of fast moving changes. I look forward to working with the entire Ghanim team and Board of Directors as we embark on this exciting journey of promoting the Bruneihalal brand.

Dr Nur Rahman
Dr Nur Rahman, CEO, Ghanim InternationaIn terms of Ghanim’s strategy, he hopes to develop its business through its main values of providing food solutions through science and innovation and in turn, create long-term shareholder value.

“Our goal is to optimise the company so that each project and talent is best enabled to meet its goals. Where it makes sense to do so, we will pursue opportunities in various sectors, but not at the expense of focus and discipline in each.”

Nur also explained that the directional values will allow for the company to keep sight of its business objectives while being socially responsible by providing quality, nutritious and healthy foods to society.

The company has produced and branded products to the Bruneihalal brand from a number of ranges including that from local suppliers and is looking towards expanding upon more value-added or meat-based products in the long-term, including potential export opportunities.

“Ultimately, we are vying to deliver a global standard brand with suitable products to our core consumers (the Muslim population), which will also stand to benefit others as well,” Nur said when asked about expanding upon Bruneihalal’s ambitions of becoming the most trusted company for providing halal product solutions.

Ghanim International Corporation has its headquarters in Jerudong and has been in operation since 2009. It has expanded its operations to Europe by setting up a sales and distribution facility in August 2011 in the United Kingdom under Ghanim International UK Ltd.