Brunei: Simpor Pharma Is One of First Plants to Be Halal Audited

New Facility Manufactures High-Quality Food Supplements

BOCA RATON, FL–(Marketwired – February 08, 2016) – Simpor Pharma, a Brunei pharmaceutical andUnknown-678549369 food supplement manufacturer, announced it is bringing its product line to the US Market from its world-class facility.

Simpor’s newly built pharmaceutical plant is a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility situated on a 7.5-acre plot within Salambigar Industrial Site, the first in Brunei Darussalam. It has been custom designed and built to meet FDA pharmaceutical requirements in terms of design, materials of construction, HVAC, utilities including purified water, drains, electrical and lighting systems. The attention to quality, cleanliness and compliance, through all stages of manufacturing is a critical corporate requirement for Simpor in demonstrating and maintaining product quality and safety.

The superior facility is unique at creating food supplements because unlike other nutritional product manufacturers, the plant must follow strict regulatory guidelines. In addition it is a Halal audited plant meaning it has a hygienic and humane method of preparing food.

“When consumers are buying Simpor Pharma products they can be assured they are getting the highest quality products available on the market backed by medical research,” said Simpor Pharma Manager Jessica Chen.

Since food supplements are quite common, Simpor Pharma has decided to apply a new method of delivering nutritional supplements instead of swallowing pills with water. They produce gummies and easy to prepare functional drinks. The company wants consumers to like and enjoy products while consuming health promoting food and beverages.

Simpor Pharma has a line of 50 products ranging from nutraceuticals to skincare-based cosmecueticals.

“Our companies motto is ‘innovation at its best’ and that is what we strive to do, create better products than what are available on the market,” Chen said.

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