Call to make a meal of our camel cull


THE Northern Territory’s feral camels should be farmed and the meat exported overseas, an expert said last night.

Camel rancher Noel Fullerton said millions of dollars could be made exporting camel meat to Arab nations.

has made three trips to the Middle East doing research on camel meat
exportation for the Central Australian Camel Industry Association and
said there was a huge demand for camel meat.

“It’s one of their favourite meats,” he said.

you could get the facilities in Alice Springs and the registration for
Halal killing, you could sell the meat and make a fortune.”

The Federal Government announced last week it would spend $19 million trying to eradicate feral camels in Central Australia.

The Government believes there are more than 1 million camels trampling around in the desert.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett said the camel problem had become “more significant in recent years”.

“We do know that feral camels are causing a fair amount of damage to some parts of country,” he said.

are a) big threat to native plants and animals, and a big threat to
cultural sites of significance for Aboriginal people as well.”

But Mr Fullerton said the extent of the camel problem had been exaggerated.

He said camels had been unfairly blamed for damaging infrastructure in remote communities.

“Ninety per cent of the damage is done by two-legged people, not by four-legged camels,” he said.

Mr Fullerton criticised the Government for failing to consult with the local camel industry before announcing the cull.