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China: Silk Road Economic Belt and Halal Industry Seminar

| 05/12/2014 | Reply

LanzhouThe Silk Road Economic Belt and Halal Scientific and Technological Industry Seminar was held on November 22th in Lanzhou, in which the experts discussed the theme of ‘How to create an internationalized, high-end, linked Halal Industry’ to talk about the construction of the Silk Road economic belt and study on the development measures of Halal industry.

The seminar was organized by the Ethnic Affairs Commission and the Department of Commerce. Eight experts including Li Lianda from Chinese Academy of Engineering participated in the seminar and presented speeches on how the Halal products supported the construction of the Silk Road economic belt.

Our province has long been focusing on the development of the Halal food industry and published the Gansu Halal Food Management Regulations to establish Gansu Halal food management office and Gansu Halal food industry association. There are 10,343 Halal food production and management enterprises and 7,229 individual industrial and commercial units till now.

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