Delegation from Dubai to seek business in São Paulo

The Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in the Brazilian city and the Dubai Exports agency are organizing a seminar and business meeting with 14 companies from the Arab country.

São Paulo – A delegation from the Dubai Exports agency and business owners from the United Arab Emirates DIEDC logowill be in São Paulo on September 19 and 20 to meet with local executives and attend the seminar Business Opportunities Involving the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, to be held in a partnership with the Consulate General of the United Arab Emirates in São Paulo. The delegation will also include the Dubai Islamic Economic Development Centre (DIEDC) and the International Halal Accreditation Forum (Ihaf). Halal products are those made in accordance with Islamic rules.

The Dubai Exports office in São Paulo said the purpose of the visit is to further trade relations with Brazil. The agency is betting on long-term projects in the country. It has six branches, three of which are in countries that are strong trade partners with the UAE: India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The other three branches opened more recently in a bid to build medium- and long-term business with the UAE, and especially with Dubai, in São Paulo, Russia, and Germany.

At the forum, Dubai Exports delegates will present opportunities to do business with companies and institutions in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE. The oil-rich Gulf country has embarked on a comprehensive plan to diversify its economy, focusing on industry investments and services, among other areas.

The delegation will include six finance companies, three transportation and logistics companies, a furniture and decoration company, a law firm, a construction company, a firefighting equipment maker, and a company specializing in corporate services including personnel training and HR consulting, among other services. Some are coming to Brazil to look for clients, while others are seeking suppliers. Some are export/import companies, and others are seeking partners in Brazil.

Michel Alaby, CEO of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, believes welcoming delegates from Dubai Exports and Dubai-based enterprises is a chance to build closer ties in trade with the Gulf country. “This goes to show that we are on their radar for deal-making and additional partnerships,” he said.