Dubai Municipality to set up halal food programme

Gulf News

The programme will help evaluate the efficiency of labs in testing halal food and beverage products, and will help support conformity assessment bodies in the issuance of certificates for halal products.

dacOmnia Ahmad Mohammad, Director of the Accreditation Department at the municipality, said that the programme adopts the highest standards and uses reference samples that are tested by all participating laboratories. The efficiency programme then identifies key requirements for laboratories and products to achieve international accreditation. Omnia said that up to 60 laboratories are expected to participate. She pointed out that the municipality has carried out efficiency programmes since the early ’90s in various fields, but given how specialised the halal food efficiency programme is, the municipality set up the necessary infrastructure and attracted technical experts to organise the programme. The programme has garnered praise from the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

The programme is an initial step towards establishing a halal food testing infrastructure, which supports Dubai’s initiative to become the capital of Islamic economy. The programme is also in line with the country’s approach and vision to set up an internationally accredited halal food approval system.