EU: Evonik Industries Receives Halal Cert

test tubeESSEN, Germany—Evonik Industries received halal certification by GmbH & Co Kommanditgesellschaft, a partner of the Islamic Centre Hamburg, for its facilities in Essen and Duisburg. The certification ensures that food and drinks, in addition to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, are permissible according to ritual Islamic regulations.

The certification applies to products manufactured in the two plants, including various esters. The products do not contain additives deemed impure by Islamic law, according to Muslim experts that visited the plants on Nov. 7, 2013.

“With this certification we have achieved an important step to significantly expand our business opportunities for oleochemicals based ingredients for personal care in the globally emerging markets, said Klaus Jenni, senior product compliance manager of the Business Line Personal Care.

In order to meet customer requirements in Asia, the Middle East and the Maghreb region Evonik Industries commissioned an examination of its plants in Essen and Duisburg for compliance with Islamic law. As of November 15, 2013, Evonik Industries in Essen and Duisburg are classified as “pure” (tahir) and permitted according to ritual Islamic regulations and therefore evaluated as “?al?l”.

Evonik Industries in Essen is entitled to use the ?al?l Certificate for the products manufactured there: Cocamidopropyl Betaines, a multitude of Esters (Sorbitan Esters, Glyceryl- and Polyglycerylesters, Glycolesters, Sucrose Esters, Emollient Esters) and Fatty Ethoxylates. In Duisburg the ?al?l Certificate covers various Esters (Glyceryl- and Polyglycerylesters, Sucrose Esters, Emollient Esters) and Zinc Ricinoleates.

This group of products does not contain any additives, which could be qualified as impure (najis) according to Islamic law, are not produced from any impurity (najasat) and do not get in contact with any impurity during the production process. Muslim experts have evaluated this based on the existing list of additives and additional detailed documents as well as the visits of the plants in Essen and Duisburg on November 7, 2013.